" Devoted to the Education and Preservation of Our Local History "
                                                       Our Mission Statement
        This Corporation shall establish, maintain and conduct programs to preserve and protect the historical,
  cultural and natural resources of the Holly Hill area, and  shall promote the development and use of these
  resources through a program of public education for the betterment and improvement of the community.


Holly Hill Historic Preservation Society, Inc.
Museum and Education Center
   1066 Ridgewood  Ave      P.O. Box 250704     Holly Hill, Florida  32125
Phone: (386) 252-2339

Operation Hours:      Tuesday / Friday 12:00 Noon to 5:00 pm
                        Saturday  10:00 am to 4:00 pm   Closed Sunday and Monday
   Holly Hill Museum & Education Center
         1066 Ridgewood Ave.      Holly Hill,  FL.  32117
Welcome     to     the    Holly     Hill     Historic    Preservation     Society,   Inc. 
       Holly Hill Historic
Preservation Society, INC.
        Museum & Education
Note: The Holly Hill Museum & Education Center operates under the auspices
  of the Holly Hill Historic Preservation Society Inc. a 501(c) 3 Corporation.
                                              Thank You Note to Our Visitors

       We are very happy to inform our readers of the great response we are
   receiving from our community. With many visitors stopping by and
  spending time looking and studying the items we have on display. Many
  bring new items, donating them to the museum to be placed on display for
  others to enjoy. This is how we are able to collect many of our items. It is
  very interesting how many visitors are able to add new information to the
  existing items and articles we have on file.
       In looking ahead, it is our wish that many of our visitors will become
  members of the Holly Hill Historic Society  &  Museum and Education Center.
  Our goal is to bring our community together and to work to preserve our
  heritage for our future generations. We also wish to provide projects to
  revisit many of the crafts and events of our forefathers. We feel that if we
  set our sights on the events of the past we then will be able to form a format
  for our future. As once said " - our future is like a mirror of our past".  
       See you soon,
           David Rowe   Museum Operations Director