" Devoted to the Education and Preservation of Our Local History "
                                                       Our Mission Statement
        This Corporation shall establish, maintain and conduct programs to preserve and protect the historical,
  cultural and natural resources of the Holly Hill area, and  shall promote the development and use of these
  resources through a program of public education for the betterment and improvement of the community.


Holly Hill is a community on the banks of the beautiful  Halifax River in  northeast  Volusia  County, Florida.  It is a community  proud of its heritage that dates back to the Land Grants from the King of Spain. Known as a service community, Holly Hill provided a key roll in the development and growth of this area.
                   Holly Hill Historic Preservation Society, Inc. &   Museum and Education Center
                          1066 Ridgewood  Ave      P.O. Box 250704 ~    Holly Hill, Florida  32125
                                                 Phone:   386.299.2865   or   386.252.2339  

   Holly Hill Museum & Education Center
         1066 Ridgewood Ave.      Holly Hill,  FL.  32117
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